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Welcome to the Harley Street Addictive Behaviour Centre

Addiction can arise in a number of different forms, and at the Harley Street Addictive Behaviour Centre we provide expert advice and assessment for people with all kinds of addiction from drug and alcohol problems, to addictive use of pornography or sex, gambling, eating disorders etc.
It is often the case that addictive behaviours have formed against a background of medical or psychiatric problems, or can cause those problems, and it is vital to take this into consideration when planning for the way forwards. The best outcomes from treatment are only likely to occur if all these factors have been considered in advance.
At the Harley Street addictive behaviour centre you will receive a confidential, holistic assessment of all your medical and psychological needs from the most highly qualified practitioners in the field, together with advice on the best way forwards.
Contact us now on 020 7125 0166 to book an assessment. We are always highly sensitive to your confidentiality needs. You are welcome to register under a pseudonym if you wish, and we always take all the necessary steps to protect your confidential information to the highest of standards

You are protected by strict confidentiality privilege, you will never be judged, and you will always be respected in our offices.
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Tel 020 7125 0166

(You will initially be responded to by administrator who will provide you opportunities for registering under a pseudonym as required.)