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Treatment Options

Following your assessment a range of treatment options will be discussed with you to help you to achieve the best possible outcome.
The particular options advised will depend on the assessment of your needs, but may include:
Prescribing: A wide variety of medicines may be considered given your needs. These can range from detox medication, to medicines aimed at preventing relapse, and other specialist medications for particular types of addiction. If you are suffering with depression or anxiety, it may be appropriate for you to consider antidepressant medication; medicines are also available to diminish compulsive behaviours of all kinds. On-going prescribing can be arranged on the NHS via your GP, or privately where confidentiality is important to you, or if that is otherwise your preference.
Counselling: If you wish to proceed with ongoing counselling this can be arranged to continue in Harley Street, near your home, or in your home as you prefer.
Residential treatment: Where the addiction is severe, you may wish to consider a period of residential treatment (rehab), and this can be arranged where requested.
Follow-up: If you choose, you will be reviewed on a routine basis by your designated Harley Street consultant psychiatrist.
Reports: Reports of all kinds can be generated at any point following assessment, on request.
Contact us now on 020 7125 0166 to book an assessment. We are always highly sensitive to your confidentiality needs. You are welcome to register under a pseudonym if you wish, and we always take all the necessary steps to protect your confidential information to the highest of standards.

You are protected by strict confidentiality privilege, you will never be judged, and you will always be respected in our offices.
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(You will initially be responded to by administrator who will provide you opportunities for registering under a pseudonym as required.)